News from the grave


Well. This was unexpected.

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, nor have I quit WoW – it’s just that I’ve been pretty occupied lately. However, in order to not abandon this blog, here’s a quick roundup of what I’m playing at the moment.


L.A. Noire

Started. I like it a lot, sadly, I can’t find enough uninterrupted time to seriously advance in the story.


Dragon Age Saga

Bought all expansions to the original as well as Dragon Age II. Can’t find enough uninterrupted time to seriously continue.


World of Warcraft

Tried to level my Paladin out of Outland. Good times, but unfortunately, I currently can’t find enough uninterrupted time to… recognise a pattern yet?



Bought it, love it. Don’t need much uninterrupted time, so that’s probably my most played game at the moment.


TES: Oblivion

Yep, good ol’ Oblivion. Purchased the German GotY version for my girlfriend, then felt the itch myself, re-purchased the English Deluxe GotY version for myself. Spent lots of uninterrupted time-slots on getting a good combination of mods to work with the Steam install, testing a new kind of modloader for a friend.


I’ll probably get back more into WoW once my girlfriend buys another gametime (or maybe I should gift her one) – but currently it’s a bit of a hiatus. What free time I have I tend to spend outside on my bike – still far behind my season schedule, or going out.

Since I’d rather post something instead of nothing for another two months, this blog might get slightly off-topic WoW, but still focus on casual gaming. After all, one of the hallmarks of a casual gamer is not being restricted on a single game.

There’ll probably be a few posts coming up about my observation of casual game styles, as for the first time I have another person beside me playing the same games. It’s quite fascinating and actually explains a lot about a few aspects in WoW (and other games) that completely baffled me before.


Switch Or Not


I find myself playing a bit more regularly again – not as much as before, but still enough to progress a bit on my priest. Soloing instances on a priest has to be harder than on any other class, even in Shadow spec.

Anyway, it’s a bit disappointing that leveling has been streamlined so much. Just by completing all quest in Dustwallow Marsh I gained double as many levels as the zone is designed for. That of course leaves me with the question on what to do now.

Next up would be Eastern Plaguelands – a fun zone, completely revamped in Cataclysm. But I feel the need to change things up a bit, so switching characters is in order. My girlfriend has a mage as main, so toying around with my mage would be an option in order to give better advice. Then again, those would be essentially the same zones I just finished. My paladin is at 70, ready to mop up the last quests in Outland. And her alt is a paladin as well.

On the other hand, I had a dream last night about playing my deathknight – fresh into Outland. Taking a different path than my paladin, that would be a new adventure as well.

Desicions, decisions. Any insights or should I let fate (and some dice) decide?


What did I miss


I sure did drop off the face of Azeroth there for a while, didn’t I? No fatigue, no burnout, no expansion blues, just plain old real life getting in the way, although on a quite happy note.

Enough excuses – not playing WoW for the last few weeks (except for an evening with my Priest in Southern Barrens), what did I miss? What didn’t I miss?

First off, I think this shows one of the advantages of not being in a proper guild: No pressure to come playing when you don’t really have the time or motivation. Sure, my leveling slowed down, but with no running auctions there is no reason to force myself to play. No guild runs, no raids, no events. So my handling of my character may even be a bit rusty, or at least not improved, but really, soloing quests when most of them are already below my level isn’t that hard, ever. I might need some warm-up before tackling instances again, but that’s it.


That said, there still are a few things I miss.

I miss WoW. There a certain comforting routine to it, that helps me settling down after a day in the office.

I miss the hunt for rare spawns and new companions. I’m a collector, even if the collection isn’t that impressive.

I miss the story. Finding out what happened since the Cataclysm, exploring the changed zones or venturing into the complete unknown (for me). The Cataclysm quests are all very well done, so I really want to see how things turn out.


So, yeah, I miss WoW. And I’ll be back to Azeroth as soon as I can.


World of Blogs


Just another short post, but a rather interesting one.

Saga posted a report about a project over at the MMOMeltingPot. Basically, get every MMO Blogger on a Google map and look at the result. I know that I am always fascinated by my Google statistics where my visitors come from (both referral site and RL location), so I’m going to participate.


Spread the word, let’s fill this map!



Achievements of Love


Love is in the air – no more. The event has ended, and it’s time to see what’s on the scoreboard. I decided to try to get a few achievements for my low-level Worgen while questing through Duskwood.

Let’s see what I have to show for the last two weeks:

Perma Peddle
Expensive, but at least not luck dependent. I really don’t like the look of the pet though.


Comes naturally when trying for the other achievements.

Nation of Adoration

Initially victim of the Cataclysm, Blizzard fixed it just in time.

Sweet Tooth

I love chocolate.

Dangerous Love

It took a while for the mission to spawn in Duskwood, for a while I thought I was out of luck and had to travel to Hillsbrad.

The Rocket’s Pink Glare

Fun, but lag inducing. Fortunately most people got theirs early on so the rocket launching was pretty light later on.


Also fun, even if maybe a bit annoying.

Be Mine!

You won’t believe how many boxes I had to buy for that last missing candy…


However, there were two achievements I didn’t get:

Lovely Luck Is On Your Side

I ran out of lucky charms, out of time and out of energy to farm more. Plus I didn’t have any luck with the two dress boxes I bought, so this will have to wait until next year.

Flirt With Disaster

Alright, I was just too lazy to travel to Ironforge and get all the requisites.


So only two not achieved out of the ones I can reasonably get at level 32 – 36. Was it fun, overall, though? I still think that the world events are a bit annoying. But this one is alright. Most of the achievements are fairly easy to do, you get Lucky Charms while soloing anyway and need to get back to Stormwind for the dailies. Next up is Noblegarden, which will require a bit more work but was a lot of fun last year.


At any rate, I’m quite happy with how this years Valentine Day turned out, both in-game and in real-life.


Azeroth bite-sized


A lot of people seem to equate MMOs with time-sinks – if you start playing, you don’t do anything else and playing for just a short amount of time each day isn’t really worth it. I admit, that’s what I’d prefer – a good, long session where I can really get into the mood.

However, currently there is a lot going on in real-life, so my gametime has been significantly reduced. Questing through half a zone? Nope. Soloing near level-appropriate instances? Nope. Grinding Archaeology? Well, I think I could make time for that…

But what do you do if you only got half an hour or an hour tops? Dailies!

Even better: Do the world event dailies! Getting enough lovely charms for the present should also progress your current zone nicely and turn in a few ‘real’ quests along the way. Fishing and cooking dailies are also quite relaxing and offer some sense of accomplishments while you draw nearer to the various associated achievements.

That said, if I do have my usual amount of time, I usually don’t do dailies. It’s funny, but I really feel like they’re not really playing the game but more a stop-gap measure while you wait for something. But as that, they work perfectly.



Bugged Love


I’m sure you’re all aware of this, but in case you’re not: There are a few bugs with ‘love is in the air’.

I find it kind of hilarious – I’m usually not one to participate in world events (save for Noblegarden), but the one time I think to myself “well, nothing better to do, let’s go hunt some achievements” – they’re bugged. It started with not being able to buy anything from the vendors. Okay, so maybe there’s something weird going on and Worgen can’t buy these thing in Darnassus. But the same happens in Stormwind.

Never mind, let’s go and do the Nation of Adoration dailies. High Priestess? Check. Prophet? Check. King Wrynn? Check. King Bronzebeard? Uhh… no, not really.


The reason I find this pretty funny instead of annoying: There are certain achievements that I couldn’t complete with this character anyway, so the meta is out of reach no matter what. Still, it surprises me how many bugs there are in the world events year after year. I think that they actually do fix all these bugs – but until the next iteration comes around, so many other details in the world have changed (if you can call the Shattering a ‘detail’) that their fixes just aren’t up to date any more.


Anyway, the event runs almost two more weeks, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that Blizzard fixes it in time. Even if not – it’ll be there next year.