Critters in the lake


Since I am currently guiding yet another character through Loch Modan, I started to think about how the starting zones differ in tone and content. Not the 1-10 zones, but the ones after that, once you get your pet, minion, or at least can start spending talent points.

So, first in line, Loch Modan. Located next to Dun Morogh and the Dwarven capital of Ironforge. A giant dam holds the water of the Loch from flooding the nearby Wetlands. The tone is less harsh than that of Dun Morogh – the landscape is a friendly green, and the small town of Thelsamar is open and welcoming.

With the population being mainly Dwarves and a few Gnomes, the whole atmosphere is a strange mixture of humorous Gnomish quests like Bingles and the fiercely determined border defence of the Dwarves who fight against Troggs and Dark Iron spies.

Personally, I like Loch Modan. The Loch is beautifully rendered, and exploration of the map is rewarded with the quests from the Farstrider Lodge. The spawn points are better spaced out than Westfall, for example – but Westfall is a zone for another day. Only a few areas are so densely populated with high spawn rates that the recommended quest level may actually be a bit low. But since they are all confined to islands, players can easily avoid them.

It also contains a Mo’grosh Ogre stronghold – and the Mo’grosh Crystal, which, according to Wowhead, is an annoyingly rare quest item drop. But bashing Ogres is always fun, and who knows – if it drops on your first Ogre, go buy a lottery ticket, ’cause it’s your day!

Loch Modan is sort of a middle ground when it comes to starting zones. It is easy to reach, offers diverse quests and doesn’t contain an instance – which means generally less people about and low level characters can enjoy the experience all to themselves.

For Dwarves, the Loch is the natural choice. Human characters have the choice of either staying in Westfall or taking the tram to Ironforge – and I’d go for the tram any day.

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