Lazy Li’l Goblin


I’m no Goblin. Mostly because I’m too lazy. But still…

In the past two days I have tripled my funds. Now, that means it’s only from 100 gold to 300 gold, but given that I don’t really ‘play’ the Auctionhouse, I’m still reasonably proud of myself. A couple of minutes on log-in and then just before log-out, checking the Resale and Snatch lists in Auctioneer and selling mats I came across during questing.

I seriously can’t understand why anybody would buy gold-guides, for example. Even I, with just a few weeks of experience and no clue about the specifics of the WoW market now have more gold than my level 20 characters need. And I started with absolutely nothing, no guild, no outside help. Just a bit of common sense, some patience and Auctioneer.

What I find works astonishingly well is simply buying things on the weekend when many players post auctions, undercutting each other and then selling during the week, when it suddenly becomes a seller’s market.

A few things are puzzling me, though. I had expected the price of Lesser and Greater Magic Essences to correspond to the 3-1 conversion between the two items. It doesn’t. So far I can’t come up with an explanation.

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