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Cataclysm is coming. With it, some of the zones we know will change forever. One of these zones is Darkshore, with its port of Auberdine. It is the first town outside of Teldrassil that Nightelves normally visit, with connections to Stormwind and Azuremyst Isle. Other Alliance members may know it primarily from traveling through on their way to Ashenvale and the Barrens beyond.

Which is a shame, because, in my opinion, Darkshore is one of the most beautiful and well thought-out starter zones for our faction. Almost none of the quests are straight-forward “kill ten monsters” type, like the majority in Westfall. Instead, as is the Nightelven way, you always investigate first, then devise a cure and ultimately confront the source. And the opponents vary greatly. From hulking Moonkins, slithering Murlocs, rabid bears, spirits, Satyrs to giant golems, demon worshippers and Nagas… pretty much anything that is connected to either the struggle to keep the balance of nature or the mystic.

Travel during quests is relatively short, while the zone in general feels quite large. This is mostly due to the fact that it is a narrow, long zone – you can spend an eternity wandering along the beach north to south, but once there, the quests are stretched east to west, meaning you can quickly complete a cluster, without having to plan it all out in advance.

And you really should spend some time just wandering about. The mood of the forest changes considerably depending on which time it is. From a sunny, autumn-like afternoon to a mysterious dusk. And don’t forget the sunsets seen on the beach – possibly the best in all of Azeroth.

Cataclysm is coming. Visit Darkshore now, it’s your last chance to see!

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