Make teamwork, not groups!


My auto-decline protects me from the most annoying specimen of fellow players, who happily pop up invite dialogues while I’m busy fighting for my life. Fortunately, there is another specimen of player that doesn’t get blocked. Teamwork players.

Point in case. I was doing the Murkdeep quest on my Druid. I already have it on my Hunter and on my Warlock, so the quest itself is more or less routine. As I approach the Murloc camp, I notice another Nightelf Hunter fighting off mobs. Fine by me, the mobs are equal or higher level, less mobs means less danger and more space for moving about when Murkdeep shows up. He doesn’t.

So I sit back on a nearby log and watch the scene. The Hunter comes over – recovering Mana – and asks which quest I’m doing. Turns out we’re both set for Murkdeep. Now, normally, there are two options on what could happen: It could become a race to see who gets the kill first, or I hear the inevitable chime of my auto-decline  shooting down a group invite. Surprisingly enough, neither happens. The hunter dismisses his pet and sits down as well.

Now, I have done the quest multiple times, and my only defence at this point is that it was quite late after a long day at the office. I decide to pass the time by killing some of the respawning Murlocs at the camp. The Hunter watches and occasionally provides a sting or pulls aggro off me when one of my surgical pulls goes wrong. And watches as I realise that Murkdeep in fact spawns when the camp is cleared. Unfortunately, that moment of facepalming clarity comes at the exact moment when I’m standing on the shore between the Murloc camp and Murkdeep’s spawn point in the ocean, Mana almost zero, health down to a third. Thank you, Murphy, thank you.

When I returned to my physical existence, I expected the camp to be cleaned out, Murkdeep slain and the Hunter off to get his quest reward. Instead, I find he still waits nearby, no pet, and asks me if I want another go since I did most of the work already.

On the grounds that I fumbled my own attempt I tell him to go ahead and keep him healed.

And that is the difference between mindless “o look, theirs some1 doin my quest, group plz!!1” and people who know how to work together without artificial crutches provided by the interface. It proves you can solo your stuff, find the occasional fellow adventurer who respects your privacy and still help each other out.


  1. How considerate of him not to kill Murkdeep while you were dead yourself. Not many players would have waited, unfortunately. I’ll admit, I’m more inclined to group with someone who is doing the same quest objective as I am, but I’ll always ask first and I would respect it if they said they’d prefer not to.

    You seem particularly vehement about this, though. May I ask why? You just prefer to work solo at all times? I my have missed a post where you discussed this – I didn’t even know there was an ‘auto-decline’ function!

  2. It’s an addon. You can find it on curse, but not wowinterface.

    I prefer playing solo, yes. Not that I dislike working together (the opposite in fact), it’s just that grouping puts me in a different mindset – it ‘formalises’ the teamwork to a degree. I played very competitive eSports in the past, team games. Fun, yes, but very prone to burnout. Soloing allows me to relax more. 😉

    • Fair enough! Everyone should be able to play the game however they most enjoy it. 😀

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