Noblegarden holidays


Easter is around the corner – or Noblegarden, as it is known in Azeroth. Lucky me, that also means vacation time!

Since “x things to do before y” lists seem to be pretty popular, I present my personal list of Five Things To Do On Vacation:

  • Solo the Deadmines
  • Get at least half my chars up to level 30
  • Get over ten companions on my two “nature boy / girl” chars
  • Buy a guild tab
  • Upgrade several of my self-made items

Some clarification for that list, maybe.

I’ve already tried soloing the Deadmines on my hunter, only to be stumped on Van Cleef. The rest of the mines is pretty straightforward, I died once on the first boss – and a couple of times on the elites, every time when I grew careless and impatient. I expect the second try to be a success, what with a level gained, a new tenacity pet and some loot from my first run.

I’ve slacked on leveling a bit, so I should pick up the pace if I want to see all of the old world before Cataclysm. Getting four out of eight characters to 30 would be the next step, especially since it opens new instances for solo play.

My druid and my hunter are pet collectors, obviously. Ten pets isn’t much, but it’s the first pet related achievement, if I’m not mistaken. If I am, then I should probably aim for 25 pets, just to be safe. This is more a money problem than anything else, buying pets from the auction house would cost about 100 gold for ten cheap pets, for 25, I’d have to buy some exotic ones as well or visit Booty Bay. I have the funds, I’m just not sure I want to spend them so readily.

I am my own guild. Buying a guild tab is just a logical step for creating my own resource pool. On my characters I already have more than enough gold combined to buy a tab. But I want to buy it with the small ‘tax’ I set aside from each character towards the guild bank. Should be easy, though. The holidays will provide ample opportunities on the auction house.

My engineer and blacksmith have several self-crafted items that are upgradeable. I know that there are most likely better items out there as drops or on the auction house, but it is a question of style and flavour. Since I have trained up those skills, a few upgrade have become available, I now need to gather the raw materials to perform them.

Modest goals, but it’s only a week of vacation plus the Easter holidays.


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