Revenge of the Ninja Bunnies


So I thought, nothing better to do, let’s try out some of this World Event stuff.

Being a noble bunny is a lot of work. Even in a remote place like Azurewatch, the egg search resembles something akin to a Quake deathmatch. Only with less shooting. That may be because everybody is polymorphed into bunnies, though. In a busy place like Goldshire, the mood changes to a World War One trench warfare. If you found an egg, stay there and pray you click faster than the other half-dozen bunnies around you.

That being said, it’s a huge amount of fun. I spent the last two hours in Azurewatch, collecting enough eggs to buy my hunter the unique pet (thus one more step for my Noble Tasks), only to have it drop from opening egg #87 anyway. Yay. That meant I could go for the Chocolate Lover achievement. And I got my Dress as a drop for the achievement as well. Or rather, my hunter did, to avoid any confusion about my dressing habits. I don’t know if I’ll do the Chocoholic achievement as well. That’s a lot of eggs to collect, but maybe I’ll do the Spring Fling later this week – there’s bound to be lots of bunny pets around by then.

One problem with World Events that I have is this: I’ve got too many alts. I started Noblegarden on my paladin that I was playing at the time, but when I noticed the unique pet I switched to my hunter. So now she’s got four event achievements already, but it’s really not the character I want to play right now. I’m mentally psyching up to have her tackle the Deadmines, not run around dressed in rabbit’s ears. No matter how good that looks.

Nevertheless, Noblegarden is shaping up to be the first World Event that I enjoy. My advice, if you haven’t started on it yet: Avoid Goldshire. The other three starting towns are much less crowded. Azurewatch so far seems the best choice. Find a route you’re comfortable with – a big circle just on the outside of the buildings – and stick to it! Don’t deviate, stick to the route, you’re much less likely to miss any eggs that way. And make sure you’ve got enough bag space, the eggs don’t stack. Turn on autoloot or use shift-rightclick on the eggs. Use the egg rush bonus.

And most importantly – it’s every bunny for themselves. In love, war and egg-search, there are no rules.

No bunnies were harmed in creating this post. Unless you count chocolate bunnies, but they’re pretty much resigned to having an average lifespan of 30 minutes in my presence anyway.

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