A short and strange journey


My paladin just finished his Test of Righteousness. What a strange journey. I can only hope that other class quests are just as fun and lead me to interesting places.

At first, it seemed a bit daunting, with QuestGuru giving the “dungeon” tag behind three of the four required steps. So I tackled them in a slightly different order. First stop was the ogre camp in Loch Modan, which gave me the chance to also complete a few other quests, mainly Chok’sul’s bounty. At level 25, the ogres don’t pose much of a threat and it is quite fun blazing through the camp. The Ore Shipment lies out in the open, no challenge there.

Then I ventured into the Deadmines. Having already been through most of it with my hunter, I knew what to expect. In the entrance area, I finished a few Westfall quests – where my paladin could get his holies going against the undead miners. In the Deadmines proper, everything went smoothly. Once a pull got out of hand, but after a frantic minute of scrambling for all available cooldowns I counted eight dead trash mobs including two elites. Hooray for mail armour. The first boss went down without much problem, although it was quite close in the end. Just before the second boss, the goblins with the Oak Lumber in question were found, and subsequently slain.

Feeling lucky, on I went into the Blackfathom Deeps. Or rather, the entrance, where a helpful Naga dropped the Kor Gem.

The last step was the most complicated one. I had to get to Shadowfang Keep in order to obtain Jordan’s Hammer. So I took a flight to Loch Modan, crossed the Arathi Highlands without dying, stopped at Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills and then dove into Silverpine Forest. Although technically Horde territory, I didn’t encounter a single hostile NPC. Until I set foot in the keep, that is. Shadowfang Keep starts out quite strong, with an assortment of all-elite trash mobs that took me down to critical levels before I adjusted. The hammer was also in the open, in a stable of Felsteeds. They are neutral, which is nice. And quite apologetically stampeded me into the ground as I hit Consecration to clear the single stable keeper.

Still – that crowning moment of facepalm was my only death on this quest. And I went from freshly dinged 25 to almost level 26, thanks to Shadowfang Keep mobs.

And my dwarf has a nice, shiny new hammer!

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