Noblegarden debriefing


Noblegarden is over, as is my vacation. I had a lot more fun doing the world event dailies than I anticipated, I’m now actually looking forward to the next celebration. So how did I do on my self-imposed to-do list?

  • FAIL: Solo the Deadmines
  • FAIL: Get at least half my chars up to level 30
  • CHECK: Get over ten companions on my two “nature boy / girl” chars
  • CHECK: Buy a guild tab
  • CHECK: Upgrade several of my self-made items

I tried soloing the Deadmines with my paladin instead of my hunter. Maybe that was a mistake. Nevertheless, at level 26, the first time I died was to Mr Smite. His stun attack is quite brutal on solo players – it took two tries to kite him far enough away from his weapon chest. By the time he was back with new weapons, I had recovered AND had time for a quick heal. The mobs on the ship weren’t a threat, but van Cleef himself still remains. His first summoning of adds I could deal with – basically ignoring them, his health was going down fast enough. But the second summon simply was too much. And by that time I once again had lost the race against the clock – trash mobs started respawning and my supply of potions and food was running low.

So he lives to die another day. I think level 28-30 is the most at which I’d try Deadmines, above that it becomes too easy. Already no mobs give XP and the loot isn’t an upgrade over my equipped gear any more. At levels 26-28 it is a nice challenge for soloists, and actually beyond what I’d call ‘casual’.

Project Thirty – almost. I managed to get my paladin up to 30, hunter to 27 and warlock to 25. In the end, there were simply other things I had to do on vacation than play WoW – most notably the first bike tours this season. So it is with only little regret that I ‘fail’ this. Maybe if I had decided to not try the Deadmines and continue questing instead. But the challenge was too tempting.

On a few brighter notes:

In addition to my engineer upgrading a few items, I was able to craft an entire new set of armour with my blacksmith, which was actually an upgrade to several items. The guild tab is there and already filling up with crafting mats for later use by different alts. And of course my hunter earned the Plenty Of Pets achievement.

Overall, three out of five isn’t too bad.

Next step: Complete leveling of all alts to level 30. The pace picks up considerably after level 25, and so far the quests have been a lot of fun. I’ve also mapped out my progression over different zones for most of my alts so I get as much content and as little repetition as possible. Let’s see if this plan holds up in the future.

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