A plethora of notes


In place of a longer post, I grouped several small ones together for today. As the title suggests, my hunter got the 25 pet achievement yesterday.

A rare streak

Over the last few days, I managed to bag quite a few rare mobs. Sadly, there is no achievement for this – I think there really should be! I’m currently keeping track via a Google spreadsheet, which rare mobs each of my alts killed.

I got Takk, but his nest was nowhere to be found. Of course, the nest is why I really went to look for him, since the spawn times are approximately the same and I imagine that whoever takes the nest also kills Takk and vice versa. Oh well, it’s a short ride in the Barrens from Ratchet and there are a few herbs on the way to gather. Or ore nodes, when I switch to another alt.

At least Felstrom was worth a nice set of gauntlets for my paladin. And Sludginn was a pleasant surprise – his spawn is really hidden and out-of-the-way in the Wetlands. Well, still with a spectacular view on Menethil Harbour, but I doubt anybody would venture there by accident. I just noticed a mountain path while working on another quest and behold, there is this rare slime thing.

Curiosity killed the Elf

So I wanted to complete my exploration achievement for Ashenvale. I already had every zone except for a small pocket in the north-west. It went fine, no problems getting there. Then I see some rather large-ish creatures flying about. Well, I say, it’s a level 20-30 zone, I’m level 29, what’s the worst that can happen?

Then Phantim hit me for about 5000 damage.

Seriously, I think there could be more places like that. This rigid level structure for zones works well, but the occasional surprise and unpredictability could be pretty cool. A bit like Stitches coming to Darkshire, high-level mobs that wander from one high-level zone to the next, passing through and wreaking havoc in low-level zones in between.

I miss my boomstick

As a quest reward, my hunter got a new bow, which is an upgrade over her shotgun (crafted by my Gnome warlock). A while back I had switched from bow to gun, now I’m back to bow again. And I miss the gun already. Somehow, with a bow, I never really know when I’m shooting. The gun had a nice loud boom to it, kind of like a metronome. And jump-shooting looked way cooled than with a bow.

Fun fact

If you mis-time your jump from the top tier in Stormwind harbour, you can jump all the way down instead of just to the middle tier.

You are also quite dead upon landing.

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