My kingdom for a capital!


Today’s shared topic from BlogAzeroth is all about hometowns. So what better post than another list of comparisons?

Let’s start with the racial capitals.


Stormwind is not only the human capital, but the capital of the entire Alliance as well. As such, it provides a decent baseline to measure other cities. It is easily accessible by boat, train or flight, although if you have to switch from flight to ship, you still have to travel quite a way. The districts all share a common layout – with the exception of the mage quarter, but then they do get some leeway for requisite eccentricity. Shops are all there, even if some are in strange places. Bank and auction house are comfortably close to each other, and all major trainers are nearby. The shaman trainer is a bit hidden, but again, that’s almost expected.

A big plus for Stormwind on the account of having its own instance dungeon, the Stockades.


Everything is bigger. At least it leaves the impression. Built on various small islands, with connecting bridges and houses overlooking the lake, it has a feeling of freedom and openness that you don’t get anywhere else. That said, it takes an awful lot of time to get anywhere if you don’t know exactly where the shop you want is – it’s all very distributed and the quarters (or terraces in this case) aren’t as well-defined and laid out as Stormwind.

Darnassus is also harder to get to – the only way is by portal from Rut’theran village, which in turn can only be reached by flight or ship from Auberdine.


However, Darnassus is still easy to get to, if compared to Exodar. The only way to get to the crashed spaceship is by ship – irony not withstanding. There is no flightpath, only a ferry from Auberdine. Given the fact that Auberdine also provides travel to Stormwind, I’d make a point in having Auberdine as a capital, but then again, it will get pretty wet there come Cataclysm.

The ship – the Exodar – is also quite confusing on the inside. Where human and Dwarf districts are clearly named and even the Elves in Darnassus made it easy for tourists, in Exodar, we have to guess the meaning behind “Vaults of Light” and “Crystal Hall”. While trying to discern blacksmiths from engineers working on repairs to the ship. And being blinded by liberal use of brightly glowing crystals.


Ironforge is pretty similar to Stormwind, with the exception of having a huge lake of red-hot lava in the middle. And better music. And an awe-inspiring approach, if you take the scenic route and travel there on foot. I admit – I’m a fan of Ironforge. Really, I like it. So much that I can’t really point out any flaws, maybe with the exception of needing a harbour, but that would be just … un-Dwarfish.


If you want a capital, buy an Ironforge!


  1. If you want a capital, buy an Ironforge!


    Although if I were having a capital, I think I’d choose Exodar. For none of the cozy reasons really. (I mean, they DO have chaise lounges! Classy)

    But I like that Exodar ISN’T crowded. I like the glowy crystals. (I don’t like the run from the bank to the AH though.)

    However, not crowded = win.

    • Partly, I agree. Exodar and to a lesser extent Darnassus are a lot more relaxing than the other cities. They are just that little bit too inconvenient to get to and a smidgen too confusing in their layouts when compared to Ironforge.

      Plus, I’m a Dwarf at heart. 😀

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