Azeroth panoramic


Current progress is a bit slow, mostly I’ve been trying to tweak my mage rotation a bit – Recount has actually found it’s way back into my installation for that. WoWWebstats is another tool that is a huge help, but doesn’t offer the realtime feedback Recount has.

But, since I imagine there are more interesting things out there than a level 30 mage rotation, I bring you a few panoramas that I’ve been working on. They’re a bit of an experiment, but I’m quite satisfied with them, so I’ll see if I can get as many panoramas of the pre-Cataclysm world as possible.

Be sure to click the thumbnails for the high-resolution versions!

Loch Modan - Thelsamar

Duskwood - Darkshire

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  1. Absolutely beautiful 🙂

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