Redheaded stepchild


Well, not really redheaded – more the blueish-black of the Nightelves, really. But the feeling is the same. I just don’t like my druid. In fact, I don’t get my druid, at all.

I spent the last two weeks leveling my mage, which is always fun. But I grew a bit bored, so I decided to switch again. Hunter? No, already ‘max’ level. Same with paladin and warrior. Rogue? Just played her before the mage. Shaman would be nice, but she’s also quite close to my current level goal. I could’ve picked my warlock – close enough to the mage that a few recent tricks I picked up would be helpful, while still different enough with her summons to provide a change of pace.

In the end, my druid started sulking and complaining that he was still on the ‘min’ level and also a good trade-off between casting and something a bit different, namely tanking and melee DPS.

What I should have done was to tell him to stuff it and play my shaman.

What I did was to give in, and start to level my druid.

I don’t get druids. The class, the gameplay, the style.

At level ~25, the casting is monotonous. Wrath, Moonfire, Tangling Roots, Wrath, always hoping that I don’t pull a second mob in, because frankly, I don’t see any AoE spells yet. With my mage, when instead of a single mob suddenly the whole camp of four or five mobs came charging at me, I grinned maniacally and switched over to my ‘to hell with mana conservation’ rotation. More often than not, I had five corpses on my hands seconds later, none of which was me.

So I switched over to melee, either as cat or as bear. The combat options are a bit underwhelming. Catform has one CP generating ability and one finisher. Bearform has a bit more, but nothing spectacular. Alright, so Prowl as a cat is nice, but that’s it. Warrior, paladin, rogue… they all have that, but with a much broader skill set and flair. As a rogue, I have the choice between two or three opening moves when stealthed, never mind the myriad of options once I start to gain CPs. And again, the warrior can easily fight a small group singlehandedly, whereas the bear can’t. I mean, Swipe. That’s it, really?

Perhaps that was the wrong comparison, so I played for a bit, then compared the experience to my other hybrid, the shaman.

Okay, shapechanging? Check, at least a ‘travel form’. Casting? A bit more varied with several debuffs and different offensive spells and a casting interrupt. Melee? Put some totems down, then observe the carnage. Different enemies? No problem, use different totems. Groups of enemies? Pull them, pull them all and let my totems sort them out. Healing? Water totem, stone statue (alright, so that’s more a profession thing, but nevertheless) and healing spells to boot.

Seriously: I. Don’t. Get. Druids.

The whole class has, for me, no point. No reason. I don’t know what the correct style should be at my level, as opposed to every other class that I can figure out. That also means that the druid is the character I have the hardest time adjusting to when switching alts.

I may have no definite main character. But I sure know who is the least favourite amongst the bunch.


  1. Well, knowing which one is the least favourite is a good start! 😛

    I have very mixed feelings about druids. I’ve got one at level 70ish and at one point I was like, cool! I’ll level this.. half a level later I was more like.. hmm why am I doing this again? I can heal better as my priest, I can melee better as rogue/warrior, I can tank better as warrior and I can cast better as warlock/mage.

    I guess the only reason for a druid really might be the fact that you can actually do all of those things – all with the same toon.

    But to me.. if I don’t enjoy it.. I’d probably rather play the other 4 classes than the 1 if it makes me happy.

    • The strange thing to me is, that on paper the druid indeed does look very good. He can do everything. It’s just that the shaman can similarly do nearly everything, but does so with a lot more options.

      Can I fight this mob alone or do I need my totems? Which totems? Can I lure more mobs toward my totem-array? Which weapon enhancement do I use? Do I have to heal actively or is my water totem and earth totem enough?

      The druid seems so limited in comparison. Cast wrath until mob closes to melee, then switch to cat and Claw away until dead. Maybe I’m just playing him wrong…

  2. No, there’s no question, a druid at that level *is* pretty monotonous. I dropped mine at around level 28 and didn’t play her for over a year. When I finally considered trying it out again and picked her back up, I found that the experience improved significantly around level 40 or so and even moreso at later levels. Shaman come with many of their options earlier, or at least they acquire them earlier. For a druid, you start out much more limited but do gain things as you go. It’s true that a Balance druid doesn’t have all the tools a mage does, but a moonkin druid can drop out and off-heal in a pinch, or a feral cat can be a tank in a tight spot. I think the class really shines when it’s played by someone who can fully utilize its potential; but that’s not really relevant to you. Because early on its potential is much more limited, and leveling was not a great deal of fun, at least for me until I got moonkin form and starfall. Maybe you’ll find you like it better as you go (if you go!) Or maybe it’s just not the one for you.

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