HDR has come to town

Thelsamar in HDR

I spend last night tweaking my ENB settings for GTR:Evo. And that lead me to search the WoW forums on Blizzards stance towards the ENBseries. For those that don’t know, ENB is an enhancement of the default DX9 library, bringing HDR effects to older games. And behold, Blizzard has said on numerous occasions that this modification is legal since it does not interact with the game in any way.

So I set out to adjust my ENB for Warcraft. It does drain FPS a little, but not so much that it becomes an issue. The Stormwind marketplace excluded, but that has always dropped my FPS drastically.

The Stoutlager Inn

I’m not quite finished, but here are two unmodified screenshots of how WoW looks now.

The adaptation between night and day is something else. ENB can be configured to drain the colours out of night-shots, simulating the view when our eyes adjust to the darkness. I didn’t get a screenshot of Ironforge, but believe me, the great forge is now truly impressive! The same goes for all spell effects, with the added bloom and enhanced contrasts for bright colours.

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