Search engine weirdness


I wouldn’t normally blog about this, but this month has seen a few trends in how people (all twenty of them) find my blog. WordPress and Google Webmaster Tools provide me with some pretty interesting and, frankly, disturbing information.

Top search engine term: World-cup Play By Play

I admit, it was rather devious of me to name my world cup post “Play by play”. This was an expected result, though.

Second place: RealID

Any surprise here? Not really. My post on why and how Blizzard won is still coming up, I just need some time to word it a bit more carefully than my usual posts.

Solid third place: Draenei licking human

What. The. Hell? I’m all open for experimentation, but seriously, there are webpages better suited for that topic than mine. And I don’t even write about my Draenei that much. Or about her licking my female human warrior. However, if it helps get a few page impressions, hey, this paragraph alone should do the trick!

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  1. Oh just admit it, I bet you have a bunch of secret posts about your draenei licking your human warrior’s armour clean or something 😉

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