To be or not to be Main


These days I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand, I want to experience all classes to their fullest, taking my time for the journey (6/8 @ lvl30 currently). This means not rushing through zones, carefully planning which character goes where next so I don’t get too many repetitions, not using addons like EveryQuest or Carbonite (which both take away a lot of the wonders and magic of WoW) and generally not optimising the hell out of my play-time.

However, there is Cataclysm coming. I’m psyched, hyped and generally happy as a clam – it looks fantastic, and most of the features so far seem like they are a great addition for not only a casual but a casual soloist. It also means that a lot of the Old World zones will change, permanently. Quite probably before I get to visit them.

Now, experiencing the new zones isn’t the problem, I’ve got a slot saved for my future Worgen Priest, so I get the new race, a new class and the new starter zone all for one character (the remaining slot is for a Death Knight).

However, that would mean that I should try to get from Azeroth to Outland at 58, on to Northrend at 68 and then back to the Old World at 80. Only that 80 isn’t the cap in Northrend any more and since I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to completing a zones quests, I might end up hitting the level cap in Northrend.

One solution to this problem would be to focus on one character and finally establish a Main. But that would go against my motivation to play: The multitude of characters available. Every alt feels a bit like playing a different game, which makes it so much fun. I want to play all classes. I want to be able to compare the classes, given my play style at approximately the same level. Not only that, but since all are solo characters, also similar gear. It is huge fun knowing that my jewelcrafter, engineer and blacksmith can craft items that are of use to all my other characters. Same with enchanter, tailor, leatherworker, everything. No character has that ‘useless alt’ feel, all feel like they have purpose. And that makes it worthwhile taking so much time to progress through Azeroth. So far, all I have to sacrifice are raid instances – but with my current time constraints I’m not regretting that.

Put another way – I don’t know if I should hope Cataclysm arrives soon, so I get a new class to play, or if it should be postponed until I level out of the old Old World. In a way, reading about Cataclysm, the Beta and all the speculation and previews currently is way more fun than grinding levels to outrun it.

So my new motto for the remaining time will be:

Casual all the way, right through the end of the world as we know it.

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