The reason you need to play a mage


I’ve been slacking on the screenshot front. Now that ENBSeries is set up properly, you’d think that I take my time and capture those moments of exploration as they happen – more importantly, before Cataclysm happens. Alas, Most of the time I’m too much caught in the action to think of screenshots, not to mention proper composition to make a decent image out of them.

Just as well, this week the share topic is: A picture tells a thousand words. Wonderful.

So I bring you, on short notice, the reason why you need to play a mage:

(click for original size)

Teleportation. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Teleport is the single most awesome spell in World of Warcraft. Go play a mage, get to 25 or 30, travel Azeroth for a bit – you’ll curse yourself when you have to go back to classes that can’t just hop over to Darnassus if they feel like it.


  1. I can teleport myself to Dalaran 5 times in one hour 😦

    I have a baby mage I don’t level but frequently log onto for recipe shopping and the like.

  2. I do miss the teleportation goodness that is a mage, but I don’t play mine much lately. I played her quite frequently in PvP in TBC for some time, but she’s still 72 in Wrath and not moving very quickly at all.

  3. Ah, teleportation. I’ll admit, I’ve never really played a mage. But I think that your post has convinced me.

    Awesome screenshot, and great post!

  4. I leveled my blood elf mage to 80, and the teleport/portal is the single most awesome spell she has (apart from the instant cast pyroblast!).

    She may be squishy, but the ability to travel to the main cities is soooo useful.

    It also means I don’t have to set my hearthstone in Dalaran

  5. Yeah, I’m leveling a couple mages here and there, and only one of them has teleport. But it is extremely handy. I can’t wait until she can start teleporting my other account’s toons everywhere. :3

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