Swamp of Sorrows – Renders hidden pass revealed



Imagine you’re a casual little level 35, questing away in Desolace. You chose to help the Gelkis centaurs by doing the Strange Alliance questline. Pretty soon, they will give you a quest called Ongeku. Which has a target located in the Swamp of Sorrows.

So far, so good. Unfortunately, the only obvious way to reach the swamp is to travel through either Deadwind Pass, or the Blasted Lands – both a rather hostile and quite fatal environment for your level 35 character. What to do? Surely the writers could not expect you to wait until you can cross those lands safely, and try to sneak past those areas is an exercise not in patience, but frustration.

Fear not, however. There is a way. A secret pass, mentioned briefly on WoWWiki. But even with those instructions, the pass is hard to find. So I racked up my expenses bill and after successfully climbing it with my level 35 hunter (who coincidentally is questing away causally in Desolace) I sent my mage there to take you on a short tour. I hand the word over to Belenor, famed magician of the impressive level 30.

The Tour

1. Blackrock Orcs mark the spot.

You start off easily enough by traveling to Redridge Mountains. That means we’ll approach the Swamp from the north instead of the documented ways that enter the area from the west or south. South of Lakeshire is a small trail called the Lakeridge Highway – leading to the Orc fortress on the eastern shores of the lake. Instead of climbing the hill towards the fortress, steer off the trail and into Render’s Valley. Here, at [72, 80], is the entry to what I dubbed Render’s Pass.

Follow the faint vegetation into the mountains – there is a troublesome spot that is very narrow and could drop you smack in the middle of the Orcish encampment below, but otherwise nothing spectacular.

2. A dead-end awaits.

Soon, you will arrive at what looks like a dead-end near the top of the mountains. This is a ploy. You look south because you want to go south towards the swamp.

2. Look west and up.

But instead, at roughly [75, 91], there is another hidden spot, a small gap between two peaks. Finding a way up there is not easy, but trust me, there is a way.

4. It is a tiny gap, but you can make it across.

Depending on your girth, you may have to wiggle a bit to get through, though. Or if you’re wearing dresses… er… robes. Robes. Yes, robes are not ideal for mountaineering.

Climbing there affords you a nice view over Redridge’s Render’s Valley.

5. The Swamp of Sorrows beckons

Or, you could turn south and have a look at the treetops of the Swamp of Sorrows.

There even is a way to get down, but I leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out how to do it without being, you know, a mage.


The images above are provided full-sized on click for a better view of coordinates and mini-map.

Render's Cliff has claimed many lives - unless you're a mage

This pass has been in WoW, as far as my research tells me, forever. And given the obvious vegetation and the quest that leads to the search for it, I can’t imagine it being anything other than planned.Even if you die from falling down Render’s Bluff, you spawn at the Swamp of Sorrows graveyard and have only a short, ghostly walk to recover your corpse.

The question is, will it still be useful in Cataclysm? Yes, it will. Unless the level requirement for the quests changed dramatically, you still will be around level 35 – not high enough to go through Blasted Lands or Deadwind Pass, and not high enough to be able to fly yourself.
With the zone geography changing however, it could be that Render’s Pass will be gone. Or the Blackrock Orcs that get a boost in the zone will make getting there much, much harder.


  1. Ooh thanks for the tip!

    I always get really annoyed by quests that take you really far away, to another continent.. and always to places that are not easily reachable too!

    • I’d enjoy them, actually – only I can’t walk past a golden ‘?’ anywhere… I’m a compulsive quest-taker, at the same time I want to finish off a zone as completely as possible before moving on.

      But things like this, discovering a hidden passage, that’s worth the trouble. And it appears that the valley will be a siege zone in Cata, so chances are there isn’t much time left to see if anyone can make it down the other side alive. 😉

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