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Yesterday, Eonar-EU was down for extended maintenance. This means I finally got around to update my character stats on this blog, but I also took the time to browse the web for a few Cataclysm updates. And boy did I find something. WorldOfRaids did previews of new (or renewed) instances, among them the Stockades in Stormwind. As I understand it, this instance currently isn’t very popular despite the convenient location due to generally low loot and boring design.

This is about to change.

For details, read the linked article, but the icing on the cake is this, the final boss of the new Stockades.

Hogger, King of Gnolls

The quest entry for the Gnoll King

That’s right, Hogger is back, bigger and badder then ever. Apparently, he finally got jailed for killing millions of low-level Alliance characters. And since those must have netted quite some XP, he got a power-boost as well. That means no more ad-hoc Hogger raids with two dozen level one characters, but Stockades are now worth a trip for nostalgia and retribution alone.

Elwynn Forest most likely will get a new bounty quest, but I doubt it will prove as memorable as the old Hogger. I even went as far as approaching his hideout from the coast of Westfall in a few cases, since that meant easier access without having to deal with hordes of Gnolls.

There seems a bit of conflicting information here – the instance is there, but according to the Elwynn Forest wiki entry, Hogger remains there as well, at Forest’s Edge.

However, there is hope – this expansion, King Hogger the dungeon boss. Next expansion, Hogger as true raid instance!

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  1. Oh, good ol’ Hogger. I’ll miss running into him by mistake while killing other gnolls and getting beaten to a pulp 😉

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