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I admit, I am a computer person. Obviously. I am also a software developer. And frankly, it shows.

While levelling my rogue, I had the urge to track how many kills of what gave me how many XP. A quick search on curse.com yielded no suitable results, though. However, coding an addon can’t be that hard, right? Right. Granted, there is no UI yet, but LUA scripting is easy enough, even if I couldn’t find a good, free IDE other than my trusty Notepad++. And so I wrote my first line of LUA yesterday.

And so, from a simple welcome-on-login script, to event handling to persisting structures in database-like tables and showing various bits and pieces of information in tooltips (How many kills of this mob? How many XP can I expect based on past performance?), code is growing. It is fun and strangely relaxing.

No deadlines. No feature requests. Just looking through the API for cool sounding functions and seeing if I can use them. Going over code-snippets on WoWProgramming and saying “Hey, that’s nice, I could change this bit and add that bit and then do something completely different altogether but thanks for the idea”. Seeing representations of my data structures flow by in the chat. Watch new lines magically appear in tooltips (but only when I want them to, i.e. with modifier key press).

Coding for the sake of coding.

My tip: If you’ve never done that, do it. Now. I mean, right now. Go to WoWWiki, API documentation and write an addon that does nothing more than pop up a messagebox greeting you with character title, character name and welcoming you back to the region you are in. Optionally address yourself with different wording depending on your character’s gender.

Ten minutes of code, endless hours of joy seeing your work appear in the game.

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  1. The experience addon search is a search i can relate too. Back in vanilla wow my raiding guild at the time required us all to download a 15 addon pack featuring various addons like recount titanbars etc.

    In that pack was an addon that worked with titan that listed how many more kills to level on xx mob and ever since my first computer shut down ive never found that addon again.

    If the addon isnt outdated by now(which it could be) it does exist so if your still searching i hope you find it:)

    I can understand how making an addon even so simple can be amazingly gratifying in the end everyone loves to create:)

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