Dual Speccing


While taking stock of my current character status, I noticed two things:

  1. My Huntress is closing in on level 40
  2. I have almost enough gold to buy her dual spec

Obviously, this means that my other six characters aren’t far behind and I don’t have that much money. So I’m debating if dual spec is really necessary with my current play style (questing, solo instances and the occasional battleground) and if yes, then which character benefits the most?

Hunter? Marksman vs Beastmaster?

Rogue? Combat vs Assassination?

Mage? Frost vs Arcane?

Luckily, there’s still some time, I’ve got to level my druid first, then get all characters to or close to 40. At that point, Cataclysm with its shiny new talent trees should be here and I should have a better clue which character needs to be dual specced.

An unrelated sidenote:

In July I reported that one of the search engine terms used to find this site was slightly disturbing: “Draenei licking human”. It has since been replaced on the top referrers list. By “Draenei licking human picture“. Thank you Tobold, for starting this whole “Bloodelf porn” thing…


  1. I have to admit that personally I never spend the gold to dual spec dps characters, at least not while leveling. While a BM hunter may not do as much dps as survival or MM, in lower level dungeons I don’t think it matters so much.

    I definitely wouldn’t spend the money right now since it might be cheaper in Cataclysm. Unless you feel that you really need the dual-spec, I’d save the money and use it for something else 😉

    The only chars I dual-spec at lower levels currently are ones that I use as tank or healer in dungeons if I want to quest outside. Questing with a healing or tank spec kind of… really really sucks 🙂

    • Right, they said something about making dual-spec more affordable. 🙂

      Guess I’ll save it up for epic riding / flying skills and mounts. Or Kirin-Tor rings. Those aren’t exactly cheap either, from what I hear.

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