1. Cataclysm wont be late after this!
    My guess is that it will be released at start of November.

    • Sounds about right, although I’d prefer middle or end of November. That would give me enough time to spend with Fallout New Vegas AND my birthday is closer. 😀

  2. It’s going to be odd when the patch hits live servers, but then I guess it has been every expansion. But even more so when now we will actually have LESS talent points (and therefor talents) than we did before.. rather than more.. it’s going to feel odd for sure.

    I haven’t pre-ordered my box yet since I don’t have a local store, but have to pick one online. So waiting until I can see which one has the best price 😉

    • I’d suggest playing around with the beta talent calculator on Wowhead, by the way. It’s really quite strange to assign so few points. And you have to ‘complete’ one tree before you can choose a second one.

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