Fun in 4.0.1


I got to finally enjoy the new patch. And since I haven’t had a screenshot post in a long time, here it is – minigames in 4.0.1!

There is a Gnome warlock in this picture. Really, there is. Big hat, glowing staff and all.

(click to zoom)


And here we have a main road. Honestly.

(click to zoom)


  1. I always knew gnomes were evil.. hiding like that, it’s just not right!

    And I can totally see that’s a main road.. if you live out in the land of nowhere and your closest neighbour lives 40 miles away.


    • The road thing is actually really cool. Go to Westfall – the roads are all clean of vegetation. Until you get to the path to Moonbrook, which is overgrown because of disuse. I really like that. 🙂

      Of course, what would be REALLY cool would be dynamically changing the vegetation density according to where player travel most…

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