Stranglethorn Blues


Cataclysm hits in just over a month. With it, most, if not all, Old World zones change. So far, so good – we knew that a while ago.

Yesterday, it became a bit more personal. My mage is progressing through Stranglethorn at the moment. What better moment to get the Green Hills achievement? Especially since it might not be around in its current form come December. Only it seems I’m not alone with that idea.

A working night, close to midnight. And the place is more crowded than any of the starter zones I’ve been to. Sure, Stranglethorn is a lot bigger, but it looked like there were at least two guilds organising parties to complete the exact quest lines needed for the achievement.

It does take the magic out of things a little, seeing a bored level 80 AoE’ing hordes of raptors down so the three level 30-somethings don’t have to do it themselves. I’ve never been a fan of booster-runs, but instances are a fair game. This, however, was disheartening. Especially together with the usual obnoxiousness. Happily AoE’ing the mob I just attacked. Skinning the mob under my feet as soon as I’m finished looting. Not that my mage is a skinner, but come on! I could just be checking inventory for free space!

I understand the desire to get the achievement and quests done before Cataclysm. Hell, that’s what I’m doing myself. But you can still respect other people doing the same thing.

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  1. That’s annoying. If I’m ever in a low level zone to finish a quest/achievement or anything I generally wait if I see a low level working on the same thing. I try not to take their mobs etc. since I know it will take them a lot longer to finish it than it will me.

    The skinning thing seems pretty bad too. Sure, I’ll skin other people’s kills – but only once I see they moved away from it and is killing their next mob and obviously aren’t skinning themselves.

    Some people just don’t seem to have any manners. Sure, I realise it’s a game – but surely some semblance of manners would still be suitable?

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