Of glass cannons


Glass cannons are glass cannons. However, it appears that there are considerably differences in calibre and sturdiness.


My only previous experience with PvP were battlegrounds playing my rogue in the 20-29 bracket. I’d regard my combat rogue as not particularly designed for PvP, but it was a lot of fun – capping some flags in Arathi Basin, occasionally sneaking into the enemy base in Warsong Gulch and generally surprising the hell out of careless mages and warriors. Since WoW doesn’t offer a sniper class (I’m a dedicated sniper in all FPS games), this was as close as I could get. Instead of hanging back, sneak invisibly and essentially take an enemy out of the fight with a single hit.


Now I tried the same with my mage, this time in the 30-39 bracket. And boy, was that a shock. Sure, interrupting and silencing enemy spellcasters is fun, but everybody, and I mean everybody makes a beeline for the mage in the background. And my spells don’t seem to do any significant damage at all. I don’t even want to get into the ratio HK/Deaths, it’s just too depressing.


I fully admit that I’m currently not very PvP oriented. It’s just a nice diversion from killing Trolls in Stranglethorn – not that troll-killing ever gets old. But is this really such a difference between those two classes? Especially how enemy players react? Now that I think about it, as rogue, I also was always picking mages as my target while the heavies clashed in the middle of the field. Maybe I’m just too used to having a nice layer of human ablatives in front of me while staring through my crosshairs while crouched somewhere out of reach on a church tower.


What is your experience? Is it really the class that is much different? Or does level bracket play a larger role in regards to available specs and gear?


  1. I never really thought of a rogue as a glass cannon, while I probably would consider a mage as one. But then again, it probably depends on your level as well – some classes don’t get very “bursty” until higher levels. Also depends on your spec, what did you play on the mage?

    At lower levels I think you have fewer escape mechanics as a mage, and not the damage output of higher levels. But if you’re fire and you can stand off to the side and fire off a pyroblast I suspect you could take a good chunk of health off someone.

    But yes, people do tend to go for casters since they’re more squishy. It’s the kind of times when it’s better to flee than fight – and come back when you have people to back you up.

    I haven’t done any lower level pvp for some time though, now I’m thinking maybe it’d be interesting to try 🙂

    (Though I also find them very unbalanced since some people have heirlooms and some don’t.. meaning their stamina/damage is higher than those with no heirlooms in general.)

    • I’m arcane, with a slight variation of the EJ ‘official’ spec (see Roster/Belenor). From what I’ve gathered, fire would indeed be the way to go for this level.

      Advanced Blink gives a short burst of movement haste, but my usual escape of Frost Nova -> Blink gives opponents enough time for one more meelee hit, which is perfectly fine in PvE (it’s the ONLY hit I take), but in PvP seems to near kill me. And then the other three guys that weren’t caught in the Nova catch up and finish the job…

      Guess I’ll wait until the 40-49 range and dual spec into fire (was planning to anyway).

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