Worgen woes


Have you started your Worgen yet? Or, in case of Horde, your Goblin?

If no – but you still plan to – I advise you to wait another month or two. Or three. Not because of bugs in the starting area. Not because of balancing issues or whatnot. No, simply because of the novelty factor. See, I started my Worgen the day after release. And it was frustrating. Really. I came close to tears.

The story is simply fantastic. The zones, the phasing, the characters, all the perfect introduction to the new, modernised World of Warcraft. New players and old alike will get sucked deep into the story of the Cataclysm unfolding around them.

So where’s the frustration? In the other players. Gilneas was so overrun with players that it was near impossible to find the named mobs for a few quests. They had a lifespan of about .2 seconds. Gathering quests were equally frustrating. Stand right on top of one of the needed objects, fighting off three of the insanely fast-spawning mobs, and watch helplessly as someone else runs through you, gathers the object and then leaves you to die. All the while reading the Gilneas chat scrolling by, making the infamous Barrens chat look like a civil book-club discussion.

If that is what new players are presented with as normal behaviour, you no longer wonder about the behaviour in PUGs and battleground. Or that of high-level players finishing up low-level quest areas. Or pretty much anything, really.

And once you get out of Gilneas, it’s exactly the same, because all the Worgen you just witnessed trampling over one of the most tragic storylines written? They’re all there with you in Darkshore. Congratulations, welcome to Worgen hell. Or Goblin hell, I suspect.

No, if you truly want to play a Worgen not for the coolness, but for experiencing the unique flavour and backstory – wait. Please.

And a special, sincere thanks to the Worgen who grouped with me so we had at least a double chance of actually killing a quest target. You were the rare, singular, shining example of teamplay on that day. You made me stay with the story instead of giving up.


  1. On a personal note, I apologise for the AWOL. Precisely on the day of release, I got ill again. Factor in the usual pre-Christmas chaos at the office, and I was out of commission for a while.
    Normal business will resume after the festivities. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m “lucky” to be on a medium sized server I guess. The first few days or first week I’d not have thought of making a worgen. But I did go in the other day on my level 1 worgen and there were only 2-3 other worgen about – so it was nice and easy πŸ™‚

    Admittedly it was around midnight or something on a weekend, but still πŸ˜›

    • My server is pretty Alliance-heavy, so I should’ve have waited until the first rush was over… oh well.

      But I’m glad to see you got to experience the story without distractions! πŸ™‚

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