Kong – king of casual UI mods


A while ago I came across a post on WoWInsider highlighting an add-on called ‘Kong‘. Back then, it didn’t seem worth the trouble of setting up. But since I’ve started doing to Stormwind cooking and fishing dailies, I also started thinking: “Do I really need all this useless UI elements when I’m sitting on a bench on the shore of Olivias Pond?”

The answer, of course, is “No, I don’t”. But then, Alt-Z’ing the UI hides some information I do want. Like, how many more fish do I need to catch? Alright, so the sounds of QuestGuru help with that, but still. Or a glimpse of the minimap would be nice – the least intrusive UI element there is.

So, I finally headed back to Kong and installed and configured it. Really, a video would be best to explain how it works, but instead, I made a few screenshots showing it in action.

Click to enlarge!



Travel mode - most of the UI is hidden




Mouseover the QuestGuru frames




Casting mode - Unit frames unhidden and action bars partially visible




Combat mode - all bars and frames visible




Back to travel mode - note that all popups open with 100% alpha



One thing to note is that you have to set it up completely yourself, but it’s very easy to do so. All you need is the frames you want to edit open on your screen – the rest is done with a few clicks.

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