Azeroth bite-sized


A lot of people seem to equate MMOs with time-sinks – if you start playing, you don’t do anything else and playing for just a short amount of time each day isn’t really worth it. I admit, that’s what I’d prefer – a good, long session where I can really get into the mood.

However, currently there is a lot going on in real-life, so my gametime has been significantly reduced. Questing through half a zone? Nope. Soloing near level-appropriate instances? Nope. Grinding Archaeology? Well, I think I could make time for that…

But what do you do if you only got half an hour or an hour tops? Dailies!

Even better: Do the world event dailies! Getting enough lovely charms for the present should also progress your current zone nicely and turn in a few ‘real’ quests along the way. Fishing and cooking dailies are also quite relaxing and offer some sense of accomplishments while you draw nearer to the various associated achievements.

That said, if I do have my usual amount of time, I usually don’t do dailies. It’s funny, but I really feel like they’re not really playing the game but more a stop-gap measure while you wait for something. But as that, they work perfectly.


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