News from the grave


Well. This was unexpected.

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, nor have I quit WoW – it’s just that I’ve been pretty occupied lately. However, in order to not abandon this blog, here’s a quick roundup of what I’m playing at the moment.


L.A. Noire

Started. I like it a lot, sadly, I can’t find enough uninterrupted time to seriously advance in the story.


Dragon Age Saga

Bought all expansions to the original as well as Dragon Age II. Can’t find enough uninterrupted time to seriously continue.


World of Warcraft

Tried to level my Paladin out of Outland. Good times, but unfortunately, I currently can’t find enough uninterrupted time to… recognise a pattern yet?



Bought it, love it. Don’t need much uninterrupted time, so that’s probably my most played game at the moment.


TES: Oblivion

Yep, good ol’ Oblivion. Purchased the German GotY version for my girlfriend, then felt the itch myself, re-purchased the English Deluxe GotY version for myself. Spent lots of uninterrupted time-slots on getting a good combination of mods to work with the Steam install, testing a new kind of modloader for a friend.


I’ll probably get back more into WoW once my girlfriend buys another gametime (or maybe I should gift her one) – but currently it’s a bit of a hiatus. What free time I have I tend to spend outside on my bike – still far behind my season schedule, or going out.

Since I’d rather post something instead of nothing for another two months, this blog might get slightly off-topic WoW, but still focus on casual gaming. After all, one of the hallmarks of a casual gamer is not being restricted on a single game.

There’ll probably be a few posts coming up about my observation of casual game styles, as for the first time I have another person beside me playing the same games. It’s quite fascinating and actually explains a lot about a few aspects in WoW (and other games) that completely baffled me before.

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