Who am I?

In real life, I am a 30 year old software developer in Germany. When not in front of my computer, I’m usually on long tours on my racing bike, going cartracing, playing oldschool pen and paper RPGs with friends or just relaxing with a book.

In World of Warcraft, I play several characters, with none in particular being my main. Mostly I just pick one that I feel like playing and stick to them for a day or two, although I try to keep them all approximately the same level.

Where am I?

In real life, Nürnberg, Germany. I moved here somewhat recently (three years ago – time flies…), and I’m notorious for still not finding my way around the city. Thank god for GPS.

In World of Warcraft, Eonar-EU. Alliance side, all my chars, for easier trading between them.

What do I do?

In real life, software developer. Mostly on .NET, but dabbling in other languages, as necessary.

In World of Warcraft, well, that depends on which character I’m playing. All of them have are specced for soloing, so a mixture of tanking and DPS, I guess. Between all my characters I have all tradeskills, which means I always have something to do – gathering or creating, burning gold or making a profit.

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