Yes, addons. Quite a lot, actually, but most of them are UI changes that give the client a bit more modern feeling. And me more control over it.

I currently keep the following addons:

  • Addon Control Panel
  • Advanced Trade Skill Window
  • Altoholic
  • ArkInventory
  • Atlas
  • Atlasloot Enhanced
  • Auctioneer
  • Auditor
  • Autodecline
  • Bartender4
  • Button Facade (LiteStep)
  • Chatter
  • Fontifier
  • Gathermate
  • IceHUD
  • Lil Sparky’s Workshop
  • Mik Scrolling Battle Text
  • Nameplates Modifier
  • NotesUNeed
  • NotesUNeed MapNotes
  • OmniCC (Pulse)
  • Outfitter
  • Overachiever
  • Pawn
  • Postal
  • Quest Guru
  • Smart Screenshot
  • Talented
  • Tiptac
  • Titan Panel
  • WIM
  • XLoot

I’m also looking for a replacement for SpartanUI, which, while better than the default HUD (at least with the SUI unit frames disabled) still feels a bit clunky. On the other hand, the Bartender bars integrate nicely. Skada is installed as well, but only because I like the Accidental Presidency font that comes with it. And I’m too lazy to grab the font files and put them in a separate folder.

The following addons have been rejected:

  • Carbonite (used it for a long time, but it was too resource-heavy, didn’t look that great and I wanted the feeling of exploration back)
  • Recount (seriously, I’m soloing – as long as mobs die, I’m happy)
  • Gearscore (too limited, I like Pawn better for info at a quick glance – not that I care much either way)
  • Sexymap (never worked that well, profiles were bugged so it kept resetting itself and the default designs vary between ugly and distracting)

And this is how my current GUI looks. IceHUD is set to be completely transparent when not in combat and if health / mana are full, giving a nice and clean view of the game.

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