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What did I miss


I sure did drop off the face of Azeroth there for a while, didn’t I? No fatigue, no burnout, no expansion blues, just plain old real life getting in the way, although on a quite happy note.

Enough excuses – not playing WoW for the last few weeks (except for an evening with my Priest in Southern Barrens), what did I miss? What didn’t I miss?

First off, I think this shows one of the advantages of not being in a proper guild: No pressure to come playing when you don’t really have the time or motivation. Sure, my leveling slowed down, but with no running auctions there is no reason to force myself to play. No guild runs, no raids, no events. So my handling of my character may even be a bit rusty, or at least not improved, but really, soloing quests when most of them are already below my level isn’t that hard, ever. I might need some warm-up before tackling instances again, but that’s it.


That said, there still are a few things I miss.

I miss WoW. There a certain comforting routine to it, that helps me settling down after a day in the office.

I miss the hunt for rare spawns and new companions. I’m a collector, even if the collection isn’t that impressive.

I miss the story. Finding out what happened since the Cataclysm, exploring the changed zones or venturing into the complete unknown (for me). The Cataclysm quests are all very well done, so I really want to see how things turn out.


So, yeah, I miss WoW. And I’ll be back to Azeroth as soon as I can.