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What did I miss


I sure did drop off the face of Azeroth there for a while, didn’t I? No fatigue, no burnout, no expansion blues, just plain old real life getting in the way, although on a quite happy note.

Enough excuses – not playing WoW for the last few weeks (except for an evening with my Priest in Southern Barrens), what did I miss? What didn’t I miss?

First off, I think this shows one of the advantages of not being in a proper guild: No pressure to come playing when you don’t really have the time or motivation. Sure, my leveling slowed down, but with no running auctions there is no reason to force myself to play. No guild runs, no raids, no events. So my handling of my character may even be a bit rusty, or at least not improved, but really, soloing quests when most of them are already below my level isn’t that hard, ever. I might need some warm-up before tackling instances again, but that’s it.


That said, there still are a few things I miss.

I miss WoW. There a certain comforting routine to it, that helps me settling down after a day in the office.

I miss the hunt for rare spawns and new companions. I’m a collector, even if the collection isn’t that impressive.

I miss the story. Finding out what happened since the Cataclysm, exploring the changed zones or venturing into the complete unknown (for me). The Cataclysm quests are all very well done, so I really want to see how things turn out.


So, yeah, I miss WoW. And I’ll be back to Azeroth as soon as I can.


Achievements of Love


Love is in the air – no more. The event has ended, and it’s time to see what’s on the scoreboard. I decided to try to get a few achievements for my low-level Worgen while questing through Duskwood.

Let’s see what I have to show for the last two weeks:

Perma Peddle
Expensive, but at least not luck dependent. I really don’t like the look of the pet though.


Comes naturally when trying for the other achievements.

Nation of Adoration

Initially victim of the Cataclysm, Blizzard fixed it just in time.

Sweet Tooth

I love chocolate.

Dangerous Love

It took a while for the mission to spawn in Duskwood, for a while I thought I was out of luck and had to travel to Hillsbrad.

The Rocket’s Pink Glare

Fun, but lag inducing. Fortunately most people got theirs early on so the rocket launching was pretty light later on.


Also fun, even if maybe a bit annoying.

Be Mine!

You won’t believe how many boxes I had to buy for that last missing candy…


However, there were two achievements I didn’t get:

Lovely Luck Is On Your Side

I ran out of lucky charms, out of time and out of energy to farm more. Plus I didn’t have any luck with the two dress boxes I bought, so this will have to wait until next year.

Flirt With Disaster

Alright, I was just too lazy to travel to Ironforge and get all the requisites.


So only two not achieved out of the ones I can reasonably get at level 32 – 36. Was it fun, overall, though? I still think that the world events are a bit annoying. But this one is alright. Most of the achievements are fairly easy to do, you get Lucky Charms while soloing anyway and need to get back to Stormwind for the dailies. Next up is Noblegarden, which will require a bit more work but was a lot of fun last year.


At any rate, I’m quite happy with how this years Valentine Day turned out, both in-game and in real-life.


Search engine weirdness


I wouldn’t normally blog about this, but this month has seen a few trends in how people (all twenty of them) find my blog. WordPress and Google Webmaster Tools provide me with some pretty interesting and, frankly, disturbing information.

Top search engine term: World-cup Play By Play

I admit, it was rather devious of me to name my world cup post “Play by play”. This was an expected result, though.

Second place: RealID

Any surprise here? Not really. My post on why and how Blizzard won is still coming up, I just need some time to word it a bit more carefully than my usual posts.

Solid third place: Draenei licking human

What. The. Hell? I’m all open for experimentation, but seriously, there are webpages better suited for that topic than mine. And I don’t even write about my Draenei that much. Or about her licking my female human warrior. However, if it helps get a few page impressions, hey, this paragraph alone should do the trick!


Lessons learned


An interesting question if there is one – what has WoW taught you?

Well, I like lists, so I’ll make a list out of this one. Saves me from thinking up suave segues from one point to the next, something which I’d find incredibly difficult with office (inside!) temperature stuck at over 36° all afternoon. I’m also writing a short entry on why we lost the RealID battle, but if you look around and read the usual suspects, you’ll see that there are more than enough bloggers cautioning against blind forgiveness and instead are very, very sceptical on the outcome of this whole incident.

1) Business studies wasn’t a complete waste. Although I’m by no means a power-broker, I think that the basic lesson from four years of business studies and computer science weren’t wasted. The auction-house is a wonderful simplified model that, in my opinion, should be used as a case example at university to make lectures more interesting.

2) People are even worse at spelling than I thought. Especially on the internet. While I don’t claim to be error free, at least I make an effort. And if it’s so bad that it’s bothering me in English, I dare not imagine what my native language German servers are like. And no, I won’t try and find out – my faith in humanity is frail enough as it is.

3) For every jerk you meet there is a decent person around the corner. Or, in WoW, for every roflstomping DK grieving you of your quest kills, there is a friendly fellow mage around the corner who’s on the same quest as you and wouldn’t mind teaming up and sharing the loot.

4) Apparently, what I say is of interest to someone. Over 1000 views on this blog, thank you all!

5) I still can find huge fun and enjoyment in tinkering with scripts and configurations. This tells me that, contrary to my original fears, the past decade (almost) of working as software developer didn’t kill computers as my hobby and passion.

Addendum: I also learn the quirks of my spell checker. “roflstomping” gets replaced by “reupholstering”. Close, but not quite.


My kingdom for a capital!


Today’s shared topic from BlogAzeroth is all about hometowns. So what better post than another list of comparisons?

Let’s start with the racial capitals.


Stormwind is not only the human capital, but the capital of the entire Alliance as well. As such, it provides a decent baseline to measure other cities. It is easily accessible by boat, train or flight, although if you have to switch from flight to ship, you still have to travel quite a way. The districts all share a common layout – with the exception of the mage quarter, but then they do get some leeway for requisite eccentricity. Shops are all there, even if some are in strange places. Bank and auction house are comfortably close to each other, and all major trainers are nearby. The shaman trainer is a bit hidden, but again, that’s almost expected.

A big plus for Stormwind on the account of having its own instance dungeon, the Stockades.


Everything is bigger. At least it leaves the impression. Built on various small islands, with connecting bridges and houses overlooking the lake, it has a feeling of freedom and openness that you don’t get anywhere else. That said, it takes an awful lot of time to get anywhere if you don’t know exactly where the shop you want is – it’s all very distributed and the quarters (or terraces in this case) aren’t as well-defined and laid out as Stormwind.

Darnassus is also harder to get to – the only way is by portal from Rut’theran village, which in turn can only be reached by flight or ship from Auberdine.


However, Darnassus is still easy to get to, if compared to Exodar. The only way to get to the crashed spaceship is by ship – irony not withstanding. There is no flightpath, only a ferry from Auberdine. Given the fact that Auberdine also provides travel to Stormwind, I’d make a point in having Auberdine as a capital, but then again, it will get pretty wet there come Cataclysm.

The ship – the Exodar – is also quite confusing on the inside. Where human and Dwarf districts are clearly named and even the Elves in Darnassus made it easy for tourists, in Exodar, we have to guess the meaning behind “Vaults of Light” and “Crystal Hall”. While trying to discern blacksmiths from engineers working on repairs to the ship. And being blinded by liberal use of brightly glowing crystals.


Ironforge is pretty similar to Stormwind, with the exception of having a huge lake of red-hot lava in the middle. And better music. And an awe-inspiring approach, if you take the scenic route and travel there on foot. I admit – I’m a fan of Ironforge. Really, I like it. So much that I can’t really point out any flaws, maybe with the exception of needing a harbour, but that would be just … un-Dwarfish.


If you want a capital, buy an Ironforge!


Noblegarden debriefing


Noblegarden is over, as is my vacation. I had a lot more fun doing the world event dailies than I anticipated, I’m now actually looking forward to the next celebration. So how did I do on my self-imposed to-do list?

  • FAIL: Solo the Deadmines
  • FAIL: Get at least half my chars up to level 30
  • CHECK: Get over ten companions on my two “nature boy / girl” chars
  • CHECK: Buy a guild tab
  • CHECK: Upgrade several of my self-made items

I tried soloing the Deadmines with my paladin instead of my hunter. Maybe that was a mistake. Nevertheless, at level 26, the first time I died was to Mr Smite. His stun attack is quite brutal on solo players – it took two tries to kite him far enough away from his weapon chest. By the time he was back with new weapons, I had recovered AND had time for a quick heal. The mobs on the ship weren’t a threat, but van Cleef himself still remains. His first summoning of adds I could deal with – basically ignoring them, his health was going down fast enough. But the second summon simply was too much. And by that time I once again had lost the race against the clock – trash mobs started respawning and my supply of potions and food was running low.

So he lives to die another day. I think level 28-30 is the most at which I’d try Deadmines, above that it becomes too easy. Already no mobs give XP and the loot isn’t an upgrade over my equipped gear any more. At levels 26-28 it is a nice challenge for soloists, and actually beyond what I’d call ‘casual’.

Project Thirty – almost. I managed to get my paladin up to 30, hunter to 27 and warlock to 25. In the end, there were simply other things I had to do on vacation than play WoW – most notably the first bike tours this season. So it is with only little regret that I ‘fail’ this. Maybe if I had decided to not try the Deadmines and continue questing instead. But the challenge was too tempting.

On a few brighter notes:

In addition to my engineer upgrading a few items, I was able to craft an entire new set of armour with my blacksmith, which was actually an upgrade to several items. The guild tab is there and already filling up with crafting mats for later use by different alts. And of course my hunter earned the Plenty Of Pets achievement.

Overall, three out of five isn’t too bad.

Next step: Complete leveling of all alts to level 30. The pace picks up considerably after level 25, and so far the quests have been a lot of fun. I’ve also mapped out my progression over different zones for most of my alts so I get as much content and as little repetition as possible. Let’s see if this plan holds up in the future.


Plenty o’ Pets!


Another checkmark in my Noble List: Plenty of pets!

It took my some 150 gold on the auction house, but my hunter now has a colourful selection of pets at her disposal. It also shows that even a casual solo player like me has more than enough gold to splurge now and again.

In order of my subjective coolness factor:

In other news, I’ve now got three alts on 26, 26 and 25 respectively, so I’m still confident I can get all of them to thirty until Monday.