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Dear Hogger


This is a reply to this weeks Shared Topic, based on a true event.

Dear Hogger,

I write to you in order to express my utmost respect and admiration for what you have achieved. Your name strikes fear in the heart of every fresh adventurer. Battle-scarred veterans remember their epic battles with you and share their stories of failure around the nights campfire.

No one else has had that effect on all the heroes of Azeroth. Onyxia and Ragnaros came close. But even they pale in comparison when it comes to the sheer cruelty of smashing the hopes of brave young warriors and feeding their very flesh to the cauldrons of your tribe.

Hundreds, no, thousands, have tried to defeat you. Many did you send to the graveyard, and those who thought they had slain you – you proved them wrong. That what did not kill you made you stronger. I myself remember evading your fellow Gnolls when you were but a warrior among many. Your triumphs over fumbling humans let you become an idol of your race. They even gave you your very own hill from which to bellow taunts up towards the walls of Stormwind.

And now? I visited you in the Stockades last week. I just wanted an autograph. But you? You slaughtered my pet and then send me running, blood streaming from countless wounds, your laughter echoing behind me while you started gnawing on bear bones. That was way, way better than any autograph I could have dreamt of.

You are, without a doubt, the biggest, meanest son of a Gnoll in Stormwind. They call you King Hogger now.

That which does not kill you makes you stronger. I did not kill you. And when I wake up at night screaming from the nightmares you caused, I wonder what you will achieve next. No doubt, the reign of King Hogger has just begun.


a Casual Admirer


World Cup Azeroth – Play by Play


The current topic at Blogazeroth, suggested by yours truly, is World Cup Azeroth. The real world Cup has seen mighty nations like France fail completely, while even Spain lost to the powerhouse Switzerland. But how would the cup play out in Azeroth?

Due to the length of the article, you’ll have to find out after this quick break! Read the rest of this entry ?