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Yesterday WoW crashed on me. Actually, it froze the whole PC. That has happened before, and I suspect some heat issues on my GeForce – I’ll probably switch back to my open case setup I had before.

However, this time was a bit different: When I started WoW back up, I was greeted by the intro video. Which I have disabled. Then the screen was in 1024, while I play in 1680. At this point, I could already guess what would greet me when I logged in. Yep, all settings and keybindings were gone and a few addons welcomed me with their basic setup routine.

Fortunately, the keybindings were restored in a few minutes, as were video and sound preferences. Most addons still had their settings, and for ArkInventory (the one addon that did loose ALL customisation) I had a slightly aged backup that I made when I manually edited the lua file. All my Auctioneer ScanData is gone, though. The DataStore for Altoholic is still there, curiously enough.

All in all, about 45 minutes worth of setting everything up again. And making a proper backup of my WTF folder. Not quite the relaxing evening in Azeroth that I wanted.